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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on August 8, 2009):
I just finished an 11,000 mile ride from the southern Oregon coast to Nova Scotia and back. "Big Red" aka my Roadcrafter one-piece suit was my main outfit be it rain or shine.

There were times when the Roadcrafter was too heavy in extreme heat so I donned my Bohn armored shirt along with their pants under my jeans. The neat thing about this set up was I could easily put on the 'Stich without any mods. What I did was remove the knee pads from the 'Stich and when I had to put it back on - usually because a thunderstorm kicked in - the Bohn knee pads were already in place.

Another thing I did was replace the set of hard pads as supplied with the Roadcrafter with their new soft ones. I did this because the hard ones began to hurt my knees after a few hours and the softies took care of that. These may not offer the highest level of protection as the hard set but I still feel confident they'll do an adequate job.

Rain? Believe me Nova Scotia will provide all the moisture you'll ever need. I ran for hours through some of the nastiest stuff I've ever encountered including rides to Alaska and the 'Stich held up. I caught a little drizzle down the back of my neck and upwards from my ankles but nothing of any concern.

Bottom line is I'm totally sold on the one-piece 'Stich so if anyone's interested in my designer set of Rev'It gear let me know, I won't be needing them any more.

Thanks Andy!