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3D Bass Helmet Speakers

3D Bass Helmet Speakers

Product Review (submitted on October 16, 2009):
These are very nice speakers, with a good universal installation option - the backs of each speaker has the stiff velcro, and sticks easily to any soft helmet interior.

The sound quality is very good, and volume should be no issue on any bike with actual mufflers. (you straight-pipe guys, well, you're on your own but you knew that dincha?)

The problem comes from all the other stuff associated with the speakers. The velcro on the back of the speaker that holds firmly to the fabric interior of the helmet will rip away from the speaker eventually. The connector wire that has the volume rheostat is cheaply made, and stopped working within about 2 weeks. (Got a 7 dollar replacement at Radio Shack that has lasted a year.) Finally, the pads that fit around the speakers will tear.

For 57 dollars, I expected a slightly more robust product. What I got was quality helmet speakers whose ancillary parts (pads, velcro, volume knob) are all complete trash.