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Transit 2 Jacket

Transit 2 Jacket

Product Review (submitted on November 19, 2009):
There is much to appreciate, and in dire weather, even love about the Transit jacket and pants. Fact is that they work exactly as advertised. Cool for black leather, and quite waterproof.
The leather is IR reflective, as you will note when stopped under the hot sun, when the black cordura at the insides of your elbows starts to blister your skin, while the leather remains fairly cool.

Getting caught in a summer storm is no problem. The garments are legitimately dry. The same goes for cold fall weather.
Despite the -tiny- perforations in much of the garment, I was able to ride 125 miles in driving 45 degree rain and hail and stayed dry under the suit. Let's not talk about my hands, or feet. The Combats, which in all fairlness are not offered as waterproof or even really repellent, eventually soaked through.

Now for the bitching:

Not enough venting for truly hot weather.
Not by a long shot. Both the jacket and especially the pants need to be configurable to move more air.

The sleeve cuffs are silly.
Just an amateurish design.
It's not like a cuff is a new invention.
The Transit cuffs are ENORMOUS!
And uncomfortable. I have yet to find a way to snug them down without some portion of the cuff pressing uncomfortably on my wrist. Getting a gauntlet over it has also proven hard. And if you can't get the gauntlet over the cuff, you can't seal out rain or cold wind.

The same goes for the collar.
I've yet to be able to close the collar completely and be comfortable.

There's something weird about the way the shoulders are cut. The shoulders bunch up into strange humps even while riding my standard bike. The cafe is worse.

The leather soaks up a ton of water and takes days and days to dry. I literally could not hang it up as I reasonably suspected the beefy wooden hanger I use might snap as the garment had grown so heavy from absorbed water. Again, the water does NOT get through, not even driving rain at 70+ MPH, for hours at a time.
It does come down your collar...

How would I fix this interesting, and useful garment?

Smaller, normal cuffs designed to accept a standard motorcycling gauntlet over them.

Improve airflow, pants and jacket.

Find a way to make the surface of the leather shed water so it is more difficult for it to become waterlogged.

Design the collar and shoulders for human beings, not venusians.

Include a full zip between the jacket and pants, not the short, rear only zipper as is.
Really cuts down the usefulness of the garment in spring and fall. This is NOT really a true hot weather garment, but rather a good, interesting, first generation
three-season leather 2-piece.

Enlarge the zipper pulls. Too small, especially with gloves on.

Bottom line I find the garment uncomfortable. I nevertheless use it religiously, and hope it will be in salable condition when something better comes along, hopefully from Aerostich.