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Aerostich Nail Clippers

Aerostich Nail Clippers

Product Review (submitted on December 19, 2009):
These are very flat, light clippers. The body is rectangular, not tapered like most nail clippers, but it's only about about half as thick, so it's a good tradeoff. There are only two problems with this design. First, as far as I can tell, there's no way to fold the nail file out of the way once the clippers are "open". It always sticks straight out the back or hinges up, making the clippers awkward (for me) to hold. Try this with a regular nail clipper and you'll see what I mean. You also have to push the lever flat (almost back down into its stowed position) when clipping. On most regular clippers, the lever only travels about 20 degrees and never goes all the way down. This design makes the tool even more awkward. The second issue is the shape of the blades. They're not quite as rounded as most of the other nail clippers I've used, making it harder to get a smooth, round cut. You end up taking off three or four small, straight pieces, instead. These are minor points, but they do detract from the clipper's usefulness. As a whole, this product appears to be well-made and durable. I'll definitely take mine on the road, but I'll choose something a little more user-friendly at home.

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