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Aerostich Merino Wool Insulated Elkskin Gauntlets

Aerostich Merino Wool Insulated Elkskin Gauntlets

Product Review (submitted on December 22, 2009):
...I've finally found a decent pair of cold-weather gloves. Let me explain.

You can find gloves to keep you warm, but they are often bulky and leave you unable to feel the controls of your motorcycle. It seems every year, I think I've finally found the gloves that will keep my digits, well, if not "warm", at least "not frozen".

I ride Ducati Superbikes so there is a great amount of wind directly on the gloves. This exposes any weaknesses in stitching and "wind proofing".

The Insulated Elkskin Gauntlet is not near as bulky as their competition. While not a racing glove, they aren't thick enough to compromise control feel.

They DO, however, do a wonderful job of protecting your hands from the wind. Not a single air-leak!

Sizing is very critical and you will be well cautioned not to purchase the glove any smaller than you regularly wear. I have a medium-sized hand and was directed to purchase a size 9. It was far too small. So small in fact that my wife uses them for inclement weather days.

The size 10 was a perfect fit.

It isn't often that companies surprize you with a quality product, but I've found one in these gloves.

I can't give these gloves a high enough endorsement! A great product!