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Multi-Size Reusable Ear Plugs

Multi-Size Reusable Ear Plugs

Product Review (submitted on February 9, 2010):
I've always been frustrated with disposable earplugs. I never really knew why the left one would always seal perfectly, and the right side would never quite seal properly, always letting in just enough wind noise to drive me batty. Finally I saw these plugs and had to try em. They are great.. the best I've tried yet (and I've tried everything, even the self-mold putty). It ends up that my left year needs the medium sized earplug, while the right side needs the large size, which is obviously the reason I could never quite seal that right side up properly. These plugs are great and are VERY comfortable for long hauls. I even have a set that I keep in the house for when my kids are screaming and I don't want my tinnitus to progress!! I recommend 'em.

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