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Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on May 2, 2010):
Went up to Duluth in January and picked up my Transit suit. I got the pants a bit larger to accomidate the layers needed for my commuting in the cold and also picked up a windstopper fleece that fits perfect under the true sized jacket. It's my riding clothes budget for a decade, and so far so good. I still need to put a fleece neck gaiter on to seal the neck, and the wallet still goes in a ziplock(just in case the outside pocket isn't shut) but otherwise i've ridden underwater in it and no leaking. My left arm felt a bit lumpy riding to my girlfriends' and the left elbow armor had broken in half-right across on the two holes in it. Called riderwearhouse while they were closed and left a message and they called back monday morning. They were gonna send a new set of armor but i had them just send the elbow piece. They also sent a return UPS label to take a look at it.
I stared commuting in northern Illinois in february and with the windstopper and leg layers I go when the roads don't have snow on them. I just got back from a two week trip to Los Angeles and back with temps up to 91. It moves more air then I thought it would so I can save the mesh suit for the worst days this summer.
Wouldn't mind a velcro neck strap like on the Darian, but that's it for niggles.
Happily Committed.

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