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Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

Aerostich Combat Lite Boots

Product Review (submitted on May 4, 2010):
I have been wearing these boots for over a year now almost daily. I am still waiting for the so called break in of the boots. They are still versy stiff and difficult to walk in. I have the cleated sole and the sole itself is great and long lasting but still very stiff and doesn't seem to bend easily when I walk.

I also hate the squeaking, which has nothing to do with the sole or the crappy buckle. The squeaking occurs due to the rubber membrain that seals the tongue area of the shoe. Since I have skinnier feet the membraine sort of bunches up and absolutely rubs when walking causing an anoying squeak for myself and those around me. I had thought about cutting it out but that defeats the purpose of the boot being water proof. Which, by the way it definetly is. I have stood in 3 inch deep water without an issue. I have rode in terential downpours without my feet getting wet.

To sum this review, if you want a boot that will keep your feet dry and you are only wearing them for riding then this boot is for you. If you plan on walking around in them then forget it. These are too stiff and squeaky. Instead, look for a boot with more flexibility.

If you are looking for a long lasting boot I think these may last a lifetime, with perhaps the exception of the buckle. And who know, maybe they will break in this year....