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DarienLight Jacket

DarienLight Jacket

Product Review (submitted on May 7, 2010):
Truly, any all season rider could not help but love this jacket. It's the best windbreaker and the best light-weight insulator I've ever used. Used with a hoodie or mister rogers instead of a liner yields excellent comfort and versatility (yes, I often ride an H-D). The jacket stands up to some of the meanest, whipping wind and rain, yet breathes well enough to not leave me clammy when el nino pops up. The neck sizing is great because it's large enough to seal and hold securely with a sweater and shampa layered underneath. absolute dynamite. The jacket does require a significant investment of patience regarding break-in. I have never in my life cursed so much at a garment. Initially I found the jacket to be THE most recalcitrant piece of moto gear ever, with the (big) exception of the screwed up zipper change on the alpinestars gtx boots a few years back. Thomas nailed it on the cuff zipper, but mine too will work out fine. The only two things I have left to add is regarding the excess length of backpad, which creates a "scarecrow" effect. This is totally fixable, and does not detract from the excellence of the jacket. On my wishlist is the missing bicep hook & loops for those "light days". Your customer forever, Chris

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