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Transit 2 Jacket

Transit 2 Jacket

Product Review (submitted on May 17, 2010):
I've had my Transit jacket for just about a month and these are my initial impressions. I thought sizing was pretty right-on. One phone call to Aerostich got me the right size on the first try. The jacket looks well made. Compared to other leather jackets I've owned (mostly Vanson), it is very comfortable right out of the box. I do have some issues with the proportions of the jacket though. As noted by others, the sleeves are long. This makes the cuffs bunch up around the hands and makes it hard to put on gloves. To get my gloves on, I need to ty to extend each hand out of the sleeve as far as I can to get the gauntlet over the sleeve. Once I do that, the jacket feels fine and I don't have the problem of the cuffs bunching painfully over my hands, but I could see how it might happen especially if you have shortish arms or ride a sport or sport-touring bike. I ordered one size larger than I thought I needed so I could layer fleece under it. This may have resulted in the sleeves being a little long on me, but the sleeves are way longer than the one size up should have resulted in. If I look at all of my jackets lined up in the closet, the Transit's sleeves are obviously hanging lower than any of the others. Others have complained about the cuff design, it is a bit bulky but overall, I like the design. I really feel in my case it is sleeve length that is the problem. It is not a deal breaker, but it is something I will need to live around unless I want to come up with the extra money to have the jacket altered - if that is even possible.... The collar did chaff on me a couple of times, but seems to be OK now. Maybe I developed calluses on my neck or the collar smoothed out - or something.

Otherwise the jacket is as advertised. It is cooler than a regular black leather jacket, but that's not to say it is especially cool when you are caught in traffic on a bright sunny day either. It is a step in the right direction though.

Things I would like to see on the jacket would include shorter sleeves and a removeable storm collar for cold weather riding - or at least a snap or velcro closure at the neck.