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Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

Roadcrafter Classic Two Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on May 28, 2010):
Where to start? The suit is not waterproof. Having said that I have to say that I have logged many hours in torrential downpours at speed and remained reasonable dry. I bought my 2 piece in 1995 and have worn it religiously for about 300,000 kms. (200,000 miles) If the weather looks like it will be getting really ugly I will put on my rain gear, but on shorter rides, (2 or 3 hours) I won't bother. Most of the rain will get through the lap zippers, but it takes a long time to get really wet. When I first put the suit on I felt like I was in a cocoon, very protected and after 15 years it still feels the same. I have had all the major zippers replace, some twice and the service from Aerostich has been exemplary. This isn't really a complaint but I think there are too many pockets. It takes quite a while to get into a routine as to where you have put stuff. The velcro closures on the other hand are a constant issue in that they require frequent replacement, this is not a major problem, just an irritant as the velcro fills up with threads and fluff and whatever and becomes ineffective. I have only been down at low speed (25 mph) with absolutely no signs of abrasion. High heat at slow speeds are an issue with any riding gear and I'll take the Roadcrafter over leather anyday. The venting is very effective as long as you are moving. The reality is that there is cooler gear out there but it does not afford the protection or the features that the stich offers. My stich is badly fade and fairly well grundged out and looking very long in the tooth. I have researched various other products and found that some have good attributes, but nothing that would change my mind about buying another Stich. PS: They are not expensive. $1000 Cdn for 15 years seems pretty cheap to me. Ride Safe and Secure and Long!!

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