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Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on June 12, 2010):
I've been waiting for Aerostich to make a tall version of the Transit and it's finally here! I'm 6'5 with a positive ape index... knuckle-dragger.. and skinny to boot. I have to say, I'm very pleased so far. This is the first Leather Jacket I have ever had that fits me in the sleeves and shoulders without being too bulky everywhere else. And great job on the collar! This is the first collar that doesn't bite me in the Adams -apple.

My only complaints are small. It would be nice if there were a toll pocket on the left forearm and the Velcro on the wrist strap should go farther back so more of the Velcro makes contact when the strap is in a relaxed state. My Rukka jacket had a similar strap and after a few years of everyday commuting the strap would loose its grip in high winds and flap around. I predict this will be the case with the transit in fewer years as there is less Velcro holding it in place. Never skimp on the Velcro it looses its ability to function too quickly. The more surface area to grip the longer it will last.

It would also be nice if the front were cut a little shorter to keep it from bunching when in a tucked position, but I imagine it will loosen up over time.

Overall it does wear considerably cooler than my old Rukka or Clover Textile jackets which are now officially retired.

Great Job.