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Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

Transit 2 Two Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on July 20, 2010):
I have about 1000 miles on the suit, most w/o the pants, and a couple of hours of steady rain. It is certainly waterproof even in the open face cruiser at 60 mph. I am very impressed on this point. It is cooler than my 25 yr old Hein Gericke in the sun. It has much better wind protection than the old leather jacket, it is absolutley wind proof and vents well with the wrist loose and the back flap open. It will actually blow up like a balloon if the front is not opened a bit. I found the jacket too warm on my BMW touring bike with a full fairing on a hot day. Pretty much anything but a t-shirt is too warm in these conditions. Some reviews think the sleeves are too long, I find them just right. There have been some nits about the collar chaffing. Overall I find the collar comfortable against bare skin. There is one small area at the top of the zipper that is a bit irritating on long rides. I'll figure something out here for warm weather riding. With a turtle neck microfiber this will be a mute point. The leather was stiff out of the box but softened quite nicely in a week of daily use. I Like the jacket length even though I usually role under the bottom front when riding. This suit seems to perform as advertized. I am very happy and expect to use this gear for a long time to come. I typically ride from snow to snow here in the Northeast looking forward to great cold weather performance. I used the Aerostich sizing calculator and it worked perfectly. Now I am going for some good boots and retiring the Redwings. I'll be keeping my Firstgear textiles for friends.

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