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Ear Cannon Air Horn

Ear Cannon Air Horn

Product Review (submitted on July 27, 2010):
Not Shure,
I mounted my steibel where my 'little' disk horn used to be. My '94 HD horn was mounted left front below the peanut tank. I slid the bolt out that mounts the coil and gas tank took of f the old horn and spacer, and mounted the steibel in it's place. I aligned it parallel to the line of the tank and made sure I had clearence for the fork tube in a hard left, nothing touches or rubs. The relay was mounted with the coil so the wires only had a short distance to go. Horn wires connected to the relay coil, ground to the coil mount and relay negative and relay positive ran to the battery positive. Plug your ears and test! Yes, it's loud and will get immediate attention from everyone.

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