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Aerostich Mini Compressor

Aerostich Mini Compressor

Product Review (submitted on September 9, 2010):
A good unit, though a bit pricey. Probably worth it, though, for in this case less is more. There are no bulky case and no bells and whistles, just the motor, pump, and necessary cables and tubing.

Pluses: Compact size, adequate power, tightly-fitting chuck, carabiner for hanging, extra-long air and power hoses, battery connectors included for those without powerlets

Minuses: Unshielded motor gets hot (wait till putting it away near anything plastic), still took more than a minute to add two pounds of air to the front tire on my VTX1800, tight chuck requires a strong pull to remove, carrying bag not waterproof

Overall verdict: The good stuff you expect from Aerostitch, but at a price. Todd, chill on the switch. If it ever fails, take it apart and twist the wires together.