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Aerostich Mini Compressor

Aerostich Mini Compressor

Product Review (submitted on September 27, 2010):
I compared 4 pumps side by side in my garage. Every choice is a compromise but I decided to keep this unit for my purposes (dirt bike riding using Tubliss system in my tires). Here are pros & cons of this unit:
- Beefy construction, heavy-gauge wires, will last, won't fail in desparate situations.
- Pumps easily past 125 psi (necessary for Tubliss system) and QUICKLY fills to normal tire pressures (2 minutes to 12 psi in rear). Much faster and more powerful than lighter pumps.
- at 19.5 oz, it is a bit heavier than lightest unit (14 oz), which makes difference in backpack)
- Unit is buly & awkward to pack. This is primarily due to the rubber fill hose being MUCH too long. There is no nice way to wrap or fold this long, heavy, awkward hose, which makes unit pack TWICE as bulky as necessary and adds significant weight.
- Quick-release valve fitting on hose is much nicer than screw-types.
BOTTOM LINE: If you want beefy construction, high pressure, and speed, get this unit. If you want lighter weight, a gauge, & more convenient packing, get the Stop & Go unit also sold here (but don't go past 50 psi!)

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