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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on October 2, 2010):
For many years I've been riding with a First Gear Scout leather jacket (with a liner "electricized" by Gerbing), Gerbing electric gloves in the winter, and lighter gloves in the summer, and a first-rate helmet, of course. For the past several years I have been looking at that Aerostich web page or catalog, thinking "maybe one day ..." Well, I remarried about 3 years ago, and when my wife found out about the suit (and the body armor), she encouraged me to buy one! (I'm 65, and not as flexible as I once was.)

I wanted to order a one-piece Roadcrafter in the hi-viz yellow with burgundy ballistics, so I called Aerostich. The lady said that they would send out a suit in hi-viz yellow with silver ballistics. I was a bit confused until she explained that the custom ballistics would make the suit non-exchangeable, so first I should try on one or more suits until I was absolutely sure of the fit. I was astounded. "You people will actually DO that?", I asked. "Oh, yes sir", she said. "We want you to be completely satisfied with your suit." So after shipments back and forth trying on two different suits, I finally made my actual order. Even the people at Aerostich remarked on what a nice color combination the hi-viz yellow and burgundy is.

I commute to work by motorcycle every day, and I've now been wearing this suit for two weeks. The first surprise was that the material is much more heavy weight than it appears in the catalog, so at first the suit was very stiff. The second surprise was how quickly the suit wears in. Already I find it very comfortable, and I have the optional standard spine protector (#129) and hard shell hip pads (#1053) installed.

I'll keep the Gerbing gloves, and I'll be getting a new light-weight electric jacket to go underneath when it's really cold, but I'm NEVER again riding without this suit!

It IS a bit warm on a hot day, warmer than the old leather jacket was, but I think that's a small price to pay for the increased safety you get from wearing the Roadcrafter.