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Darien Jacket

Darien Jacket

Product Review (submitted on October 5, 2010):
The temps here just began to drop into fall ranges, and my hi-viz Darien jacket shines. I bought it in 2008 and use it for every ride. Aside from the occasional moment when I'm confused with a fireman, the color increases my confidence. Couple it with a yellow helmet, and I've done what I can to be seen. The rest is up to skill and care. This jacket really shines in cool and cold weather, particularly when it's coupled with the available fleece liner. Using the liner means getting a size larger, and it's noticeable during warmer months. Even with body armor and my body fat, the coat is huge. And it's hot. Man, is it hot. Stop in an Iowa intersection on an August day, and the sweat runs. Once I'm moving, it gets better. Opening the underarm and back panel zippers helps. A little. A mesh jacket is a better choice for summer. But when it gets colder, go to it. The neck closes tightly, and the sleeves do too. Put on a full-face helmet and gauntlet groves, and wind intrusion is minimal. Put on the liner, without zipping it into the coat, and you can easily remove it as the temp rises. Absolutely waterproof in the rain, amazingly so. A piece of advice: Don't use spray-on waterproofers, for they will discolor the coat. Use a wash-in like Nikwax. Mine is splotchy going in, but it comes out of the washer looking fine. It's an expensive coat, but the Gore-Tex and available body armor will help keep you in one piece when it is needed.

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