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Darien Jacket

Darien Jacket

Product Review (submitted on October 17, 2010):
My Darien has six years and over 67000 miles both on pavement and off. I live in northern Wyoming and have used it from the mountains of Montana to the desert of Big Bend national park in Texas. With an electric liner and a Heat Gear type T-shirt I have remained dry and comfortable from 32F and snowing to over 90F and humid. I have and will only use the Hi-Vis Yellow. From the moment I put it on I gained at least two feet of space between myself and the on coming traffic on Two lane roads! Meeting a Pickup on a short blind corner you can actually see the front tire turn away. The safety factor from the visual impact is undeniable.Yes I get the " I thought you were a fireman" but so what woman like fireman and after a while it gets a worn in look that tells other riders you've been around.
The jacket is stiff when new. Throw it in the washer a couple of times and it will soften up. I have always used Nikwax tech wash and their wash in waterproofing and still remain dry in heavy rain.
With all the pads in place including the standard back pad the Darien feels heavy when you pick it up but I have never noticed the weight on either of my bikes when riding and it seems no heavier than other very high quailty jackets with all the pads I've looked at.
My jacket has never had a problem with any zipper or zipper pull and the main zipper is two way that lets you adjust the bottom to fit any bike. I like the adjustable elastic cord at the bottom for a snug fit at the hips. All of the velcrow is still in good shape. I added a piece to a front pocket to attach my heat controller that works great.
I have a 50 chest and no neck so the sholder and back pads were a little long for me but it was easy to trim them with a pair of sissors and with the velcrow adjustment you can get them just right.
The collar irratated the back of my neck in warm weather with only a T-shirt on. I solved that with a silk scarf from a local cowbow shop. Aerostich sells one. I use mine all the time it's cooler in the heat and warmer in the cold.
The Darien is my go to jacket it is very high quality well though out and works great for goldwing touring and GS adventure riding. I love all the pockets and would recommend it to any serious rider.
The Darien will work at any reasonable temp. but like others have said it gets hot above 85F-90F. I to would like to see a Darien lite mesh non gore-tex I could transfer my pads to and use with a cooling vest on those really hot days.
After six seasons my jacket shows a little wear as it should but is still in very good condition and will give me many more miles of protection. when it does wear out I will buy myself a new one for sure.

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