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Darien Jacket

Darien Jacket

Product Review (submitted on November 12, 2010):
Personal Stats = 5.7, 165 lbs
Jacket Size = 44 with armor in shoulders, elbows, and spine
Prior 2 piece suit = Belstaff large with armor in shoulders, elbows, and spine
Yamaha FZ1 2005 in deserts, the mountains, and near the coast

My Belstaff had an insulation layer built into the suit. I could see behind me in my front mirrors and my neck was protected from the wind.

Before you read on, let me say that I like this suit more than I dislike it and that I am happy to be wearing it. I bought it because several road dogs I know swear by them. I am just trying to add some details that I would like to have known when I was reading about the suits…not to malign the jacket.

The Darien was a little longer in the sleeves and in the body, which was not a problem. The barrel of the body, however, was MUCH roomier than my Belstaff. This was strange at first. I put on my standard layers to see how it felt. It was still bulky and VERY stiff. Washing the suit does soften it up.

The jacket collar is lower than my Belstaff and open, which means that I have to wear a gaitor and that it is breezy. Not only that, but it presses into my Adam’s Apple. My Belstaff had a neck wind block snapped onto to it.

The jacket zipper was always a problem, but after a washing it improved. It is still a hassle. Is this because it is a little lower than it should be for my height and not a design error? Could be.

The big pockets are great for gloves and stuff. The suit is SUPER durable. I like the arm sleave zippered pouch.

The spine pad hits my seat and pushes on my helmet, so I will probably have to live with that or cut it to my body size.

The shoulder pads block my mirror view, so I bought mirror extenders. This did not really help, so I can no longer really see behind me like before.

My prior suit was black and insulated, but this black shell is MUCH hotter than my other suit. It is breezy, so that helps. And, it does have zipper vents.

My final notion: this is a fantastic, high quality jacket. I just do not like the zipper, the wide shoulder pads that block my view, and the open collar style. The zipper and shoulder issues could be merely a function of personal fit. The collar is about preference. Good luck.