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Transit 2 Pants

Transit 2 Pants

Product Review (submitted on December 10, 2010):
Dear Mr. Subjective,

I was an early adopter of transitwear, and I love it. Problem is, I bought before a "Short" size was available. I need 36 S trousers now, but I have a pair of 38Rs that I'm stuck with. The fit is so bad, and I look like such a clown in these oversized drawers, that I'm tempted to say "screw the protection and comfort, I'm just going to wear jeans like those guys who put racing pipes on their bikes and pay for dyno tuning, but won't spend more than $10 for a helmet. I KNOW you KNOW the squids of which I speak. I like those guys, but I want cool, armored, waterproof leather pants before I tune the bike for the track. Yeah, I'm dull. I could be the perfect event coordinator for the next very boring rally.

Anyway . . . $750 is heavy for pants. Could you cut me a deal on a pair of 36S? I tried not look in any mirrors for a couple if years, but the reflection of my short, slovenly self has undone my otherwise steady self esteem. I am in despair. I know I can't trade in used pants, but there must be something you can do. I think that WHEN we hit $8/gallon gasoline, we'll all be riding small cc bikes or vespas. So, I'd really like to wear your brand name in style, but I just cannot find a loose $750 in my trailer. How about a $100 coupon for my diction? "Slovenly" is pretty good, and I really look crappy in them long (and now loose) pants.

Four wheels good; two wheels better,

Smiley (coincidental, I swear)