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Heated Grip Kit

Heated Grip Kit

Product Review (submitted on December 17, 2010):
I hear about these grip heaters from a friend. I got them and after revising my installation plan 3 times i setteld on the following. I ride an 02 Meanstreak, the left handle bar has a plug in it so I couldnt put the heater inside the tube. I ended up putting in on the bar under the grip, but i slid the element up inside the switch cover, so that the wires would be protected. I did the same on the right side, the element is thin enough that is doesnt cause too much drag for throttle return. with this set up I dont have to worry about the wires breaking, and to protect the element from abrasion i put a couple wraps of electrical tape around them where the switch housing clamps around them. The switch is UGLY, i need to change that at a later date. I ride an hour into work and the morning temps have in the low to mid 20's, before the heaters my fingertips would be frozen even when wearing my heavy Carhart gloves, now they are just slightly chilled.
I am very happy with my purchase and will be getting another set to put on my wife's bike. the only thing I would like to see changed, (besides the switch) is that the also be offered in a length about 2 inches longer than the current ones, it would heat the entire grip for those of us who install them the way I have done on my bike.

Thanks Aerostitch!