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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on December 19, 2010):
I bought my 2nd RoadCrafter suit in 1995 after many great years with the first.
It's survived countless commutes and trips, and it also survived a spectacular 45 mph t-bone into a left-turner. Actually, the suit may have been the only item to emerge that day unscathed (counting the car which was totalled). I dusted the suit off, replaced the pads, and kept using it for 13 more years.

It's time for my 3rd RoadCrafter now.

But I have 2 requests. which you will see recur in the other reviews. Aerostich, the zipper tabs are not up to the standard of the suit. They break off in a few months, usually leaving you stuck in the suit looking for a pair of pliers. Please, show us you're paying attention and fix them. I guess the good news is that once they broke, I replaced them with circular key rings that make far superior tabs when you have gloves.

The second request is for a better neck closure. Put on even one extra sweater, suit up, and you will have a cold neck for want of just another couple inches of strap and velcro. Almost everytime I check it, the velcro tab has let go and is flapping in the wind. I know you guys ride in cold weather, right? Show us you care and give us a neck that will close and stay closed over bulky under layers.

It's a fantastic suit. Why not finish the job and make it perfect?