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Roadcrafter Classic Pants

Roadcrafter Classic Pants

Product Review (submitted on January 7, 2011):
Over the years I have owned several pieces of Roadcrafter gear. I have ridden well over 350K miles in Roadcrafter Suits. I started with a two piece back in the late eighties and went to a one piece years later. All suffered from closet shrinkage...or perhaps I have continued to grow....anyway, I recently decided to buy new gear and decided on the two piece. The jacket is the best I have ever owned and I have a closet full of motorcycle jackets. The pants for the two piece are perhaps the most misunderstood piece of gear the Aerostich sells. My first try didn't work out well because I didn't give the accessory "bib's" a try. The pants are by definition large because they are made to wear over your street cloths. Being large it is really hard to fit the pants correctly when attached to the jacket. The bibs solve the problem. I just bought them again and along with the bib's it makes an ideal touring suit. The onepiece was great when I lived in the midwest because a pair of shorts and a tee shirt was all you needed to wear in the heat and you could be out of your suit in 10 seconds when you can do the same with the two piece but it might take a little longer. If there is one downside of the two piece, it has to do with ATGATT. With the one piece you WILL receive the benefit of the suit everytime you ride, if you wear it...with the two piece you will probably, like me, not always wear the whole suit, just the jacket. The two piece pants are great, just misunderstood. Try them, just don't firget the Bibs....

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