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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on January 24, 2011):
(Response to a buddy looking for riding gear advice)
Why I wear a AeroStich Roadcrafter

1. Ease of use:
-Quickly put on / taken off, 10-20 seconds
-Plenty of easily accessible pockets
2. Quality construction:
-Best zippers, velcro, available
-Made in USA, 'nuff said!
-Real Velcro, not "Hook and Loop"
-Real Gore-Tex, not imitation
3. Protection equal to an other suit:
-Shoulder, elbow, knee protection standard
-hip and back protection available (very good idea)
-Extra heavy Cordura material at shoulders, knees
-TF2 and TF3 pads, soft normally, stiffen when shocked
4. Weather protection:
-Keep the sun off of you in summer;plenty of vents to allow airlow
-Keep the wind off of you in summer and winter; ever had wind-burn?
-Rain and cold; I rode 450 miles in 38 deg rain in January of '07 dry and warm
(with heated vest and grips!)
5. Durability:
-As of April of 2011, will have had mine for 6 years; ~30,000 miles on the '82
Yamaha XJ750; 43,000 miles on the '06 Kawasaki Concours; 11,000 miles on the '05
Kawasaki KLR 650; ~1000 miles on the Honda 230L; ~ 1000 miles on the '85 XJ700;
That's about 86,000 miles. About 14,000 miles per year... and counting!

6. Conclusion:
-There are many other options, and they all have their strong points; but for me,
the money I spent for my 'Stich was well spent, and even though I haven't needed
the crash-protection, it has always provided much peace of mind over the years.
If you think you will be riding for any length of time, it should be high on your
list of riding gear. There are literally thousands of testimonials to the quality,
durability, and effectiveness of this suit... and for damn good reason! Do your
research, compare, and decide whats best for you...