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Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket

Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket

Product Review (submitted on February 13, 2011):
So, I've had my jacket since June 2010, and reading through these reviews I saw a comment or two wondering about the crash performance of this jacket. Well, I was taken out by an out of control car last night. I was accelerating through about 40 mph when a car skidded across two lanes at excessive speeds and side-swiped me. I was airborne and then sliding on the pavement for about twenty feet after landing. Long story short, the armor was awesome, and the abrasion resistance also good. The road burned through some of the waxed cotton, but it held up as good as the nylon cordura suits I've seen post crash. Any crash like that is going to cause damage to the jacket, so don't expect "man of steel" performance. The best thing I can say about this jacket is that after the insurance claims are settled, I'm either sending mine in for repair or getting another just like it. It saved my ass...period.

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