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Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Men's Roadcrafter Classic One Piece Suit

Product Review (submitted on March 8, 2011):
I've ridden a long time, 400,000 miles by my calculations. In the summer I always went without gear for years for fear of being "too hot", then got into the mesh leather gear which worked relatively well. I've had my roadcrafter for nearly 2 yrs now and wear it every day from riding to work to a 1500 mile in 24hr BBG ride and it has worked fabulous for me. I have hit very little rain to test this part, but what I have encountered I have had no problems. I have ridden in temps ranging from around 10 degrees to 110 degrees amd have had no problem. I add an extra layer in cold weather. In hot weather it has not been a problem. I rode through Kansas for several hours at over 100 degrees and yes I was warm, but better than my prior days of mesh leather and 10x better than going with shirt sleeves. I've got around 20,000 miles on my roadcrafter and recently took a 30mph dump. Obviously 30mph is not a huge test, but the suit came out basically without a noticable blemish, and I came out likewise. The only trouble I have had is the snaps down at the legs have gone bad. Zippers work fine. The suit is fine and I look forward to wearing it, unlike prior things.


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