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Accu-Gage with Hose

Accu-Gage with Hose

Product Review (submitted on March 11, 2011):
I bought this because I like the fact it kept the reading until it is released by me. Also it is easy to get onto the valve. There is a button to release the reading when done that also becomes a bleed valve so it's very easy to release air already in tire. I found I can overfill a few pounds or so and then use the button to drop the pressure to exactly what I desire. Nice-!

The only trouble with mine is that after a month or so I get one reading with the hose on the valve and when I take it off to look at it it drops about 2 lb. or so. I wish I had exchanged it and might still try because it's just wrong. It should hold the reading while hooked on valve and then when removed. Bad gauge-!! It is consistent so I have just allowed for this discrepancy, no big deal really but it starts me doubting if I have the right pressure .... I might see if there is a similar brand out there in the shopping world but would recommend. I must have gotten a lemon.

It feels very sturdy and well made. It very well might not be made in China-?