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Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket

Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket

Product Review (submitted on March 20, 2011):
This is my first Aerostitch garment.

I've been drooling over the Falstaff pics for the past couple of years, and this winter I finally decided to pick one up. I wore it sans armor as an every day jacket while there was 4 feet plus of snow on the ground here in Jersey and very little riding to be had. The jacket is extremely comfortable and fit me perfectly. Once the temps headed into the 30s I was back out on the bike and the armor was back in the jacket. First thing I noticed was how comfortable the jacket is on the bike, but off the bike and walking around I don't like the feel of the shoulder armor. The jacket really fits nice, so I don't think it's a fitment issue, but when off the bike the shoulder armor really presses down on my shoulders. While it's not completely uncomfortable, it's an annoyance. Also, and I'm not super concerned with how I look while riding (I'll take safety over 'looking cool' anyday), but with the armor in the jacket it just looks very goofy on me. In profile view it gives me a very puffy looking hunchback and weirdly forward sloping shoulders. But like I said, looks are one thing, safety is another.

With my complaints aside, I do really like this jacket. The waxed cotton is a great material and the storage in this jacket is unparalleled. You'll never run out of pockets, and if you do you'll find another empty one that you forgot about. The inside of the collar is the most comfortable I've owned. And the double end zipper makes sitting crouched simple without the jacket riding up.

Like I said this is my first Aerostitch jacket and while I'm not blown away, I'm definitely a satisfied customer.