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iPhone 4 Mount

iPhone 4 Mount

Product Review (submitted on April 23, 2011):
This item is the same holder for the iPhone (original) and as such is not up to RAM's normal standards. The contour mismatch makes a sharp bump or slight tap to the release cause the iPhone 4 to dislodge. I verified the part number with ram molded in the holder as I thought it was a mis-shipment or packaging error. I had an iPhone severely damaged from a bump over a raised utility access cover in the road surface that was unavoidable because of traffic. I've driven over worse in construction zones across the entire road, so not an isolated thing to do.

RAM should release a specific to iPhone 4 model, but if you must buy this, use some plastifx to make the ears bigger and wider, grind off a lot of the release tab end, and best compromise use a wide set of elastics to help secure it in place. I personally have one to sell, and I replaced it with a weathertight iPhone box that allows the control of the phone through the cover, and put in some flush screws and reinforcement to connect the non-RAM case to the diamond base plate mount instead of the erroneous nasty original iPhone original holder.

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