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Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket

Falstaff Motorcycle Jacket

Product Review (submitted on June 8, 2011):
My last favorite jacket was a Belstaff Trialmaster, and before that a Barbour. (I've ridden full-time since 1965.)

When the Falstaff came, I was concerned that zipper overlaps would catch rain. They may, but rain does not get in. I'm on the southern Oregon coast. Eight months of the year rain and wind come as closely- coupled as newlyweds. The Falstaff does not leak.

Make sure it fits before you wear it.
My shirt size is 17 X 36/37. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 225. I ordered the jacket in XL. I wore it a couple of months before I realized that the trunk fit well but the sleeves were too short. For a decent fee, the company added 2 inches to the sleeves. Now the cuff breaks on the back of my hand close to the knuckles when I stand, and perfectly when I ride. If you have fairly long arms, order the jacket with fairly long arms.

The company says you won't have to reproof for a long time. I've used Barbour, Belstaff, and now Aerostitch, so trust me:
ride a couple of months to get your own wrinkles into the fabric, then on a warm day reproof liberally with a paste wax and take a good ride.

Last: the other reviewers are right. The neck closure is uncertain. The Belstaff buckle provides a better one. But if you wear a scarf that doesn't wick and pair the jacket with a Darien trouser, you will stay dry, warm, and happy in the worst of rains -even ours.


p.s. The best scarf: slice a 6-inch strip off the bottom of an acrylic blanket, double it, wrap it around your neck, and tuck the tails into your suspenders. You'll still have plenty of blanket to crawl under when you get home.