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Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves

Aerostich Elkskin Gauntlet Gloves

Product Review (submitted on June 12, 2011):
I've had a pair of these for nearly 10 years. They are no longer smooth - the finger tips and palms are now coarse. Also, they've lost their color - they're almost white now, not the original yellow. I notice that the new models do not have the snap to keep the velcro strap from slipping back through the D ring - that's too bad. It's a pain in the neck and a timewaster to have to thread that through when it comes out. Also, my pair, and a pair just purchased by a friend, had very coarse pointy seems o n the inside around the zipper. A little trimming with some small sharp scissors was required to eliminate the painful point. I'm surprised to see that problem still around after all this time. Still, I like the gloves. They are great on their own, and with silk liners installed, are good for cold temps, too.

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