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Aerostich Mr. Happy Puppet

Aerostich Mr. Happy Puppet

Product Review (submitted on June 30, 2011):
Mr. H is happy to be home after his release from the "facility." He's been my study companion for the PE (I passed the first time thanks to his kind words, crude guestures, and rude comments) and keeps me motivated at work while staring blankly at my five year old laptop, shooting rubber bands over the cube wall, and attempting to find the motivation to get a big boy job in Denver. Our new hot ginger bookkeeper thinks he's adorable and brought "us" a Cookie Monster cupcake for passing, but I know it's really for him and not me.

Together, Mr. H and I enjoy long walks on the beach, getting lost on our hammered KLRs, watching the yoga pants on the patio, sunsets, and listening to the great philosophers of our time including Mr. T, the Dropkicks, Tristan Prettyman, and Chris Whitley.

In summary, he's the manly man's manly man of action and there's nobody else I'd rather be in guts with. He's such and old soul he never even has to speak, he just knows what I'm thinking. We speak each other's unspoken language fluently...