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Go Cruise™ Throttle Control

Go Cruise™ Throttle Control

Product Review (submitted on July 7, 2011):
Purchased one of the small ones from Aero. a few weeks ago for my 919. Shipping was fast. Packaging was nice enough. Quality looks to be good as well. Directions in the package were clear and to the point.

All that said, this product is not for me. Here's why,

1. It's thicker in person than I had imagined. Therefore it takes up more room than I like on my grip. It scoots my hand over just enough that my pinky sits on the edge of the grip.

2. I had a difficult time getting it to stay were I attempted to "lock" the throttle. It definitely to some adjusting, which diverts my attention. I like things to do what they do without my adjusting my riding style to them. This product didn't pass that test for me.

Full disclosure - I only used this product on one 20 minute highway ride. Perhaps I didn't give it enough of a chance. But like I said, It looks to be a quality product, just not for me. YMMV