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Small MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

Small MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

Product Review (submitted on August 2, 2011):
Its been a little while since I commented on one of these touring bags so I thought I would share my experiences. I have owned the large Motofizz for a few years now and love how much these bags can hold. They are built from the ground up to be mounted to your motorcycle or scooter. They are not cheap and they are built in Japan and made of very high quality materials. They have straps to secure to all 4 corners of the bag and the straps can be attached to the chrome railing on the side and back of your scooter. I hope I took some good enough photos for you to see them given it was a bit dark in the garage and I was using my iPhone.

It seems to use up exactly enough room to mount where a passengers backside would be and gives the rider lower back support if you remember to turn it around with the Motofizz label pointing to the back. The bag is made to be accessible from the side which quickly zips and unzips once you release the strap. You can also get to it from the top if you prefer and there is a net that will hold anything from a full sized helmet to some camping gear. The bag is really made for a rider who also likes to camp but I have found them useful in many other ways. In the large bag it will swallow up a 2.5 gallons of gas with all of my gear but this small could be good for anything from carrying your workout gear to extra helmets and jackets/gloves ect...

The large bag will run you $197 and is worth every single penny if you need to carry that much gear. The medium bag is $177 and is really the most functional bag if you are going to have one for your scooter and a motorcycle. It will fit the bike perfectly but might be too big on the scooter. The small costs $147 and will fit your scooter like a glove and remember there are expandable side on each of these that zip out to give you even more room. Perfect for those rides where you want to bring home some goodies for your loved ones.

Well I could ramble on all day about the functionality of these bags but I am sure you would prefer to see the photos. I am someone who loves to find things that are functional and usable on a daily basis. Almost forgot to mention it only takes seconds to un-clip the bag from the straps and turn it into a backpack or a shoulder bag and then re-clip it on when you come back. I know I will be using the coffee mug holder on both sides too for some warm coffee on the way to the office. Here is a link to the only place I can see to buy these bags in the states.

Here is a shot of the small on our Vespa.