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Motofizz Map Bag 1

Motofizz Map Bag 1

Product Review (submitted on August 6, 2011):
I've had this tank bag for 3000 miles and 6 months. It's well put together and has storage enough for commuting items (power cords, chap stick, face shield cleaner, sunglasses, etc). The magnets are very strong and keep the bag in place. If there is anything that I see as a nit to pick it's how small the map window is. I really have to origami my maps to fit into it. Also, and I did not know this until today - be careful what you keep in the clear map pouch. I was keeping my garage remote in the map window section so that it was easy to get to when I was leaving or coming home. I came out to my bike and the remote was warped and slightly melted. It get's REALLY hot in there. I have no idea what the yellow bungees are for on the right side of the bag but I use them to hold my gloves when I stop to get gas or for a break so they don't fly away in the wind. Much better then stuffing wet gloves into my helmet.

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