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Large MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

Large MotoFizz Camping Seat Bag

Product Review (submitted on August 6, 2011):
I started a nearly 4 week, around the US trip trying to save some pennies on luggage, so I strapped a couple of dry bags on and away i went. The hassles of loading and unloading on the bike, since they're not purpose-built motorcycle gear, not to mention digging through dry bags to get anything out was a real pain. Within days, I was regretting the decision, especially when I met another rider with the Motofizz on his bike. His raves about it's durability and functionality over nearly a decade's use, and just seeing it in person, sold me. I called Aerostich the next day and had them fedex the bag to where I was going to be, and made the switch.

All my clothes for an extended trip (in variable climate, so you get the picture), tent, sleeping bag, etc etc fit in the bag without strain. the little water bottle holder right next to you is a nice touch, as are the two side pouches. Especially good are the ease of attaching it to my luggage rack, and removing as necessary, all the points to tie things outside (the wet towel, the layer you decide to shed or want easily accessible to add when you get to that mountain pass), the side access doors so you can plan the day and have things at three different easy to reach places, rather than digging through the entire bag, all are working out as advertised.

the one true disappointment is the rain cover. it isnt waterproof. what's the point of that? it's too small to fit over the bag when expanded to its maximum. it's really flimsy and a seam burst the first day i tried to use it. 'nuf said.

one last thing. the instructions for the bag are in Japanese, I think. Aerostich gives a translation of some, but could do better. Then again, easy to get help, if you have time to make a call.

Still, the positives far outweigh any negatives. This was a great purchase. I've heard since making the purchase from others who've had and loved it for years, I hope it works out as well for me over time.