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Product Review (submitted on August 14, 2011):
I have used this on a cruiser and a sportbike, neither of which had a rear rack, which is pretty essential if you want to take stuff with you on a motorcycle. Watch out for a couple of things. First, the scratchy side of the velcro straps is either going to be facing your rear cowling paint or your seat. Consider laying down a protective layer of tape or film. Secondly, it can be difficult to fit - not every bike has the clearance in the right spots under the pillion seat. However, you can strap it down from the corners, putting some no-skid drawer liner underneath. Finally, you may need a little beanbag pillow of sorts to level things out if your pillion seat is sculpted, as is my CBR250R. Basically the middle of the seat in front has a peak, so it acts as a fulcrum, making the Fast Rack wobble. To avoid this I put a little pillow underneath it with beads - it conforms to the shape of the seat on one side, and leaves a flat surface on the other side for the rack.

Bottom line, you may have to work a bit to get it to work on your bike, but it is so worth it.

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