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Aerostich Competition Silk Scarves

Aerostich Competition Silk Scarves

Product Review (submitted on September 20, 2011):
This is not a review of this specific product, but of silk scarves in general. I've used one since the '70's and they are a very classy option but...

They show oil and grease, and when you fettle your own ride, you inevitably end up with oily fingers, which transfer oil to your beautiful silk scarf like iron filings to a magnet and in turn migrates to your neck, shirt collar, leather jacket, etc. While black silk doesn't show the grease too much, it doesn't stop this happening either.

Silk scarves are smooth and slippery and comfortable and much nicer against the skin than crusty nylon or stiff leather, but their very slipperiness means that as you ride the passing breeze tends to tease the scarf out from around your neck and it will have a tendency to fly down to the tarmac behind you. If you tie them in a knot, then they tighten up and become more like a rope than a sheet of cloth, thus no longer protecting your sunburnt neck.

So my advice is: don't work on your bike while wearing your scarf, or if you do use gloves to keep your hands clean; and get a clip of some kind to keep your scarf fixed where you want it, otherwise it will fly away.

(P.S. don't fight the tendency to make "whoosh" and "zoom" noises while wearing a white silk scarf: they bring out the inner fighter pilot in us all.)