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Darien Jacket

Darien Jacket

Product Review (submitted on September 30, 2011):
July 31, 2011 I fixated on a patch of gravel and locked down the brakes on my 2003 Suzuki DL1000. I was a bit hot coming into the area and I may have scrubbed off enough speed so I hit a mailbox mounted with 4 X 4's at 35 mph. I don't remember much of it however. From the marks on my bike and the reversed direction I landed have yet to figure it. I think me and the bike did a flip (evidence by deep cuts on the top of the top box) length wise and landed with me lying across my fallen bike feeling very sick and dizzy. Sure signs of shock. I made my way wobbly to a slight slope and laid down head lower than my feet. I was hauled off to the ER where a stern looking old nurse cut my left sleeve from cuff up across the collar. Now I am sporting a titanium plate with 11 screws on my left clavicle. But no road rash... I have already replaced it! Thanks to Aerostich I am well healed and am rebuilding my bike!


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