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Go Cruise™ Throttle Control

Go Cruise™ Throttle Control

Product Review (submitted on October 1, 2011):
I bought this cruise control for two reasons: I appreciated the elegant design, and my NEP cruise control was not working as well on my SV1000 as it had on other bikes. Overall, I was pleased with the device and grew very accustomed to it's presence on my grip. However, some issues arose and I thought I'd better share them here:

1: This device works best on a stiff rubber compound. I have softer compound grips on my bike and as a result there was a little bit of "give" when I engaged this throttle control. The result was I had to compensate a little when applying it. No biggie, but a little frustrating sometimes when you're on a flat road and you start slowing down after you engage it.

2. They are serious when they tell you in the instructions to be very careful pulling this apart to install or remove on your bike. I was attempting to remove mine while having a conversation with someone and ended up breaking it in two. I fully take the blame, but be warned that this device is fragile when stretched.

Like I said, overall I liked the thing and was bummed when I broke it. I appreciated it's simple design, but I'm going to spend a little extra and get a Vista Cruise next time.