A friend from Kanagawa, Japan demonstrates the drill and dons his one piece Roadcrafter suit within the allotted time(under ten seconds)

Ten Seconds or Less

Get your stopwatch. The Roadcrafter’s exclusive zipper configuration requires less of your effort and almost none of your time. Unlike conventional suits, you can shed a Roadcrafter one or two piece suit in under ten seconds . Just ten seconds and you’ll be wearing nothing but your street clothes. Aerostich Roadcrafter suits are designed to be worn over them, without the hassle of changing clothes to match weather and riding conditions. And a Roadcrafter is just as fast to get into, so you can get out of town. Zip yourself into a Roadcrafter, and ten seconds later you’ll wonder why anyone would want to wear conventional riding gear.

Putting on one-piece Roadcrafters

This trick may make using your suit easier: Before you put on the suit, always separate (open) the main zipper by sliding both sliders up to the top. Then hold the open suit in front of you - grab it at the chest opening with you facing into the zipper (as though you were greeting the empty suit) - and step into the right leg. After pulling on both sleeves, grasp the two adjacent main zipper slider pulls, sandwiching them between the first three knuckles of your right hand. Then feed the other side of the zipper into these sliders. It's just like starting a jacket zip, except the lower of the two sliders goes downward all the way to the ankle. To exit the suit, reverse. Some of our new customers practice this technique a few times in front of a mirror to internalize the sequence. - Mr Subjective 9/0

Oversize Impact Pads

We use TF3, a costly high performance viscoelastic material first developed for use in aerospace applications. Custom shaped for each suit, and removable from elbow, knee, and shoulder pockets, this padding feels soft and molds to your body. On impact it instantly becomes firmer, absorbing and distributing energy. Water Vapor

Water and Vapor

Roadcrafters are engineered for daily 'A to B' commuting and general purpose riding, so our fast entry zippers are a compromise, but the fabric is totally waterproof. The easy entry zipper system will stay leak-free for about 30 to 90 minutes in a steady rain on an unfaired motorcycle. Behind a fairing or in lighter rains, it will stay dry all day long.

Picture a stadium with 1,000 exits but only two entrances. That’s the idea behind Gore•Tex® fabric performance. The Gore•Tex® membrane contains 9 billion microscopic pores per square inch, each one 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. So while perspiration can get out, it’s tough for outside wetness and cold wind to get in. It wears cooler than leathers in the heat, warmer than leathers in the cold, and drier under any conditions. All seams are hot-tape sealed.

Be Seen in the Dark by the Blind

We’ve doubled the reflective area on our Aerostich suits so you can be seen and be safe. We use a new 3M Scotchlite™ reflective with more durability and reflective power. The reflective Scotchlite™ crosses the back vent, the front pocket flap, and the ankle adjustment tabs.

A Suitcase you can Wear

There’s no such thing as too many pockets, and it’s a good thing, because our one-piece suit has ten of them. The Roadcrafter is fully lined with free-floating nylon taffeta so it slides on right over your clothes. There's one inner pocket with Velcro closure for valuables and nine exterior pockets. Velcro closure tabs at the waist, wrists, and ankles allow a precise fit and minimize wind leaks. The gusseted wrist zippers, underarm vent zippers, and two-way back vent zipper provide good ventilation in all temperatures. Roadcrafter suits are exceptionally comfortable from 50º to 90º when worn over everyday clothes.

Lightweight and Strong

Rack tested

Aerostich suits weigh less than leathers, so you can easily wear them over your street clothes, and they’re as tough as they are light. All seams are double-stitched using heavy #69 bonded nylon thread. The seat has a double layer of cordura, and the shoulders, elbows, forearms, knees and shins are protected with a layer of 1050 denier, urethane-coated ballistics nylon.

Tested On The Rack

We made 20 lb. sandbags out of denim, regular nylon, leather, and our 500 Denier Gore•Tex® /Cordura Nylon, and filled them with a special mixture of silica and a marker powder. Then we suspended them beneath a heavily weighted platform and dragged them down the road behind a truck just to see them wear through. Ouch. Performance art? No way. A physics experiment? Sort of (our first abrasion tests inspired a cover story on abrasion several years later in Cycle Magazine). Repeated testing shows the superiority of Gore•Tex® /Cordura Nylon over other materials. That’s why Aerostich suits are tougher than suits weighing twice as much.