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#9086 12" Classic ROK Strap

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  • #9086 12" Classic ROK Strap
  • #9090 Adjustable Classic ROK Strap (18" to 60")
  • #9086 12" Classic ROK Strap
  • #9090 Adjustable Classic ROK Strap
  • #9090 Adjustable Classic ROK Strap
  • #9087 18" Classic ROK Strap
  • Attach multiple ways: Free End, Fixed End or Wrap Around
  • #9087 18" Classic ROK Strap - Secure Fastex® buckle on one looped nylon end
  • Fastex® buckle on one nylon looped end of the fixed length Classic Straps

ROK Straps Classic #9086-9087-9088

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Was: $14.00

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Flat shock cord straps that minimize pressure and maximize friction. They won’t accidentally “roll” to either side like a conventional round cord. Stretchier and stronger cargo securing technology. Durable 100% natural rubber core and a tightly woven wear-resistant polyester sheath. Built for extended outdoor use. Classic uses shatter resistant Fastex® buckles that won’t scratch your bike’s paint (3/4" wide / Adjustable Classic is 1" wide). Universal uses a strong, safe, shank-hooked super bungee (3/4" wide / Adjustable Universal is 1" wide). All Classic ROK Straps are sold in pairs.

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  • Versatile - Just slip or wrap the ends around the selected anchoring points and wrap the strap over your luggage and you're off ... Look ...Stronger.
  • Quality materials and good mechanical connections ensure these are the strongest elasticized straps you will use on your bike. Safely holds 65lbs (30kg) in a straight pull, or 130lbs (60kg) when looped over cargo.
  • Choice of Lengths. Choose from four tailored lengths to suit your luggage size and shape.

Superior Design Qualities

  • Unique flat, tough shock cord minimizes pressure on goods, reducing marking, damage and roll-over.
  • Solid core of 100% natural rubber, which offers the best blend of tear resistance and oxidization, and extends the working life of the strap way beyond that of multi-fibre cores.
  • "Double stitching" ensures that the strap and buckles stay firmly together, minimizing the chances of breakage and recoil.
  • Interlocking buckles last the distance and are gentle on your goods and paint work - reduced scratching and recoil.
  • Tight-knit polyester braiding for greatest fibre strength, U.V. resistance and wear resistance, and to further protect internal rubber from deterioration.
  • No metal in our straps, so there's never the chance of rust stains or damage to your bike's bodywork.
Length Maximum Stretch Recommended Safe Stretch Typical Application
12" (300 mm) 17" (430 mm) 15" (380 mm) tying a jacket to your handlebars
18" (450 mm) 31" (780 mm) 24" (600 mm) tying gear onto the top of your luggage rack
24" (600 mm) 45" (1150 mm) 32" (820 mm) tying a sports bag to the back of your bike
30" (750 mm) 54" (1400 mm) 42" (1050 mm) tying travel gear to the back of your bike
Adjustable 62" (1600 mm) 58" (1500 mm) tying any luggage down on your bike, minimum length 18" (450 mm)

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