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Self-Tapping Carbide Tire Studs - Scooter B (7.9 x 9.3mm)

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Self-Tapping Carbide Tire Studs - Scooter B (7.9 x 9.3mm) #S4720

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Ordinary low-budget sheet metal screws bite fine into ice but get ground away quick on paved surfaces. With sharp tips made of corrosion-proof, super hard, abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide, these ingeniously designed studs allow most of the tire’s rubber to be in contact with clear pavement while providing increased traction over mixed snow or ice. The best part is they’re simple to install — the studs self-tap with the included bit that fits any power drill. Just mark your tire, drill each one in and you’re ready to ride. For everyday winter riding, low profile studs (A or C) will keep you on the road. The off-road stud (D) is only for off-road / dirt riding. Scooter A & B are for scooters only. If you ride through the winter you’ll have fun, your bike will horribly corrode, and everyone will think you’re crazy. Perfect! Each set comes with an installation bit, instructions and 100 studs (50 per tire).

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Type Scooter B (7.9x9.3mm)

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