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Shorai LFX® Batteries

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  • Shorai LFX® Batteries

Shorai LFX® Batteries #4280-4281-4283-4284-4285-4286-4287

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Product Name Price Qty
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX14A1-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX14A4-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX14A5-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX14L5-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX18A1-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX18L1-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX21A6-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX21L6-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX24A3-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX24L3-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX27A3-BS12
Shorai LFX Batteries - LFX27L3-BS12


Drop weight. Lithium technology with a tough carbon-fiber composite cases made these next-generation lithium-iron batteries weigh an astonishing 70-80% less than a lead acid battery. These advanced batteries recharge quicker than a conventional battery and hold a charge for an entire year without maintenance and with zero sulfation.

Environmentally friendly too with no explosive gasses during charging, no lead and no acid, just discharge and dispose when it reaches the end of a long service life (up to four times the life of a lead-acid battery). 12V 14-27Ah. Cranking power range (depending on model): 210-405A. Weight: 1.68-3.85 lbs. Size range: 5.83"-6.55"×2.6"-3.39"×3.46"-5.51".

For model/fit applications, see chart at

Battery applications by motorcycle model and year
Battery Specs

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More Info #4280 LFX14A4-BS12 210CCA 1.98lbs 5.83” x 3.39” x 3.46” #4281 LFX14A1-BS12 210CCA 1.68lbs 5.83” x 2.6” x 4.13” #4283 LFX21A6-BS12 315CCA 3.03lbs 5.83” x 3.23” x 5.51” #4284 LFX14L5-BS12 210CCA 2.27lbs 5.28” x 3.15” x 6.3” #4285 LFX24L3-BS12 360CCA 3.6lbs 6.55” x 3.39” x 6.1” #4286 LFX27L3-BS12 405CCA 3.85lbs 6.55” x 3.39” x 6.1” #4287 LFX21L6-BS12 315CCA 3.03lbs 5.83” x 3.23” x 5.51”

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