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#2151 Sigma Speedometer

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  • #2151 Sigma Speedometer
  • #2151 Sigma Speedometer

Sigma Speedometer #2151

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Just the thing for when you want more info and accuracy than most motorcycle speedo’s will tell you. Compact unit featuring separate odometer logs and auto stop/start, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, and average speed comparison. Trip distance, total distance, ride timer, stopwatch, thermometer and a clock are also included. All these functions can be reset independently of each other, lessening confusion. Oversize backlit LCD speedo reads up to 199 mph and updates instantly. A button battery supplies power for a full year of riding and is easy to replace. Watertight construction ensures durability. Also features a backup storage chip and PC connectivity for trip data analysis. Instructions explain easy and precise tire calibration using circumference. If you’re gonna ride 9 mph over, make sure you really are doing exactly 9 mph over. It’s also great to be able to see your seasonal and annual big trip mileage independently and without calculation. A powerful and tiny computer that will give the traveler valuable information on speed and time. Includes a sending kit with an extra long pickup wire. 1.5"×1.75"×.5".

Mounting Instructions for the Sigma Speedometer

Mr. Subjective note on mounting: The mounting hardware included is intended for use on bicycles, but much of it adapts well for motorcycle applications. For custom mount solutions use the range of aluminum strap stock available at most hardware stores. First use manila folder cardboard to make a template. Then cut, drill, file and fold aluminum as needed to duplicate the manila folder cardboard pattern. Tools required: bench vise, file, pliers, metal saw, drill.

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