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#4964 Speed Bleeder

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  • #4964 Speed Bleeder

Speed Bleeders #4964-4967-4968-4969-4970

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Bleed your own brakes quickly, reliably and inexpensively. This ingenious bleeder screw uses a patented valve enabling you to get the job done correctly without the aid of a helper. Neat. Bleeders vary based on the make, model and year of motorcycle. Call or see website to match the right bleeder for your bike. Generally, Yamaha’s use #4967, Honda’s use #4967, Suzuki’s use #4969, Kawasaki’s use #4968, BMW’s before 1996 use #4964, 1996 BMW’s and after use #4964 (front) & #4970 (rear), Ducati’s use #4964, and Moto Guzzi’s use #4964 or #4967.

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Cat.# Description
#4970 M6x1.0 / 1.13"*
#4968 M7x1.0 / 1.19"*
#4969 M7x1.0 / 1.38"*
#4967 M8x1.25 / 1.28"*
#4964 M10x1.0 / 1.28"*
*(Thread Pitch / Overall Length.) Thread pitch is designated by the major thread diameter followed by the number of threads per millimeter. Ex: the thread pitch "M6x1.0" is 6mm in diameter and has 1 thread per millimeter.

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