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#4934 Granger Performance Waterproofer

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  • #4934 Granger Performance Waterproofer

Granger Wash-In Waterproofing for Synthetic Fabrics #4934

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Used during the wash cycle when laundering high performance waterproof/breathable synthetic outdoor gear, this material renews the waterproof treatment of the fabric to prevent wicking and enhance water repellency. An easy and convenient way to maintain your gear. Ideal for polarfleece too. 10 oz.

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  •  Adds or restores DWR finish to synthetic fabrics.
  • Optimizes breathability. Long lasting.
  • Concentrated formula provides water and stain repellency for up to 5 garments (standard 10 oz. (300 ml bottle).
  • Waterworks Technology® is environment friendly, water-based and biodegradable.
  • State-of-the-art fluoro chemical technology is compatible with the original fabric finish used by all major textile/garment producers.
  • Excellent results on Gore-Tex®, eVent®, Precip®, Sympatex® and all other waterproof/breathable technologies.
  • Optimizes breathability while shedding water, oil and dirt from the textile surface.
  • Maintains the look and feel of the fabric.
  • Excellent for maintaining the performance of lightweight running shells.
  • Rinses residue free and leaves no odor.
  • Safe for all domestic washing machines and septic systems.
  • Heat activated. Tumble dry or iron to achieve optimal performance


Designed for garments that can be washed and tumble dried with heat.

Clean - Garment must be clean and free of detergent residue. For best results use Granger’s G-Wash Cleaner.

Treat - Shake bottle, pour correct amount of Granger’s Wash-In Waterproofing for Synthetic Fabrics into washing machine. Set water temperature to warm. Allow machine to run through complete wash and rinse cycle.

Guidelines for top or front loading washing machines:

Top loading washing machines:

1 garment, 2 capfuls, low water level 2 garments, 3 capfuls, medium water level

Front loading washing machines:

2 garments, 2 capfuls, low water level 3 garments, 3 capfuls, medium water level

Hand washing:

1 capful of Wash-In Waterproofing for Synthetic Fabrics to 4 gallons of warm water. Mix solution. Soak garment for 30 minutes, agitating garment in solution every 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

Dry - Tumble dry for 50 minutes on a medium (permanent press) heat setting. The treatment is heat activated so tumble drying or ironing is essential to good performance.

NOTE: Capful refers to the full (large) capful.


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