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Aerostich Shoulder Saver Hanger

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Product Description


The Shoulder Saver is designed to evenly distribute pressure on the inside of garment shoulders, helping to retain the shape of the garment. In addition, the larger size of these hangers allow things to dry out faster, which helps suits and jackets smell fresher and last longer.


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Customer Reviews (17)

The BeefReview by james
Perfect for my Roadcrafter jacket, just plain makes the jacket look good, also supports the coat when drying after I've gotten soaked while riding. (Posted on 6/7/15)
Standard item requiredReview by John
After having made do with lots of different type hangers, I finally bought a couple of these. All the things these other folks say are totally true! My Roadcrafter hangs MUCH better, and it dries out faster. As one person mentioned, this should be part of the purchase of any suit, since it isn't add one - you'll be glad you did. (Posted on 6/27/14)
Great HangersReview by Bob
We all make an investment in our equipment, which is not cheap. These hangers are awesome for hanging jackets. They keep the shoulders filled, support the weight evenly, and if you don't ride in the winter for a few months and just hang your gear that time, I can't see doing it any other way than on these hangers. I bought three of them and as my wardrobe expands, I'll buy will appreciate having them. (Posted on 1/24/14)
an essential itemReview by Mike
This hanger should come stock with each suit. Since it doesn't, just add one to your order. You will not regret it! (Posted on 1/13/14)
What else would you use?Review by John
After I received my Darien jacket none of the hangers I have worked very well since the shoulder pads are large and molded. This hanger is a monster but it is the only thing I found that supports the weight of the jacket and allows air flow when wet. (Posted on 12/20/13)
No Question...Review by George S
Kickbutt!! Does the business! Buy one (or more!) (Posted on 5/23/13)
Big HangerReview by pb
These are the berries! Very hepful for hanging your gear [mine in the garage] and they hold the gear well - strong, big, and well made. (Posted on 12/24/12)
Hang on!Review by Matt
I was afraid that when this hanger touched my non-Aerostich jacket the two would explode in some sort of matter/anti-matter explosion. Lucky for my neighbors, they did not.
This hanger keeps the shoulder armor in shape and is great for claiming territory in the closet. (Posted on 10/11/12)
Saver HangerReview by Donald H
Love the hanger! Holds any and all of my heavy gear while allowing air to flow thru to dry same. (Posted on 8/13/12)
Monster HangerReview by boatbuilder
This is the only hanger I've seen that is big and strong enough to hang armoured riding gear on. (Posted on 7/7/12)
Good HangerReview by johnnyKid
I just ordered my second over sized hanger. I own two Fox Creek Leather jacket's and if you have one of these terrific motorcycle jacket's you know how much they weigh. I'm also a size 52.... can you say hanger breaker. I like these hanger's. They take the weight easily. I'm glad they are available. (Posted on 4/28/12)
Buy This If.......Review by Steve
I love these Dumbo hangers for airing out my 'stich after riding in the rain. They are also great for keeping my leathers dry at the track when I'm riding on hot days. Really lets the air circulate! (Posted on 2/24/12)
Great productReview by Robert
This works great with my non-Aerostich jacket! I'm a bit outside of the normal size range for most motorcycle gear, and I'm very pleased that the shoulders of my jacket will no longer droop off the ends of a regular hanger. (Posted on 2/10/12)
Really BIG HangerReview by Bayou Crier
Why didn't I get this when I ordered my Roadcrafter. Yeah it saves the shoulders but better yet it airs the jacket out. Last summer in Texas we had a lot of 100 degree plus days. (Posted on 12/13/11)
Big HangerReview by DT
If you have a Aerostich One Piece Suit you can't beat his hanger. I laugh at the size of it everyone I use it -- in a good way. (Posted on 9/7/11)
The very best.Review by Daniel
If you have a jacket/coat w/shoulder armor, give these a try. I've looked high & low & these are the very best I've ever found. (Posted on 7/31/11)
these are huge hangersReview by Route66
These hangers are HUGE! Almost too big, really. While they hold up a heavy leather jacket very well, they are so wide that they force the jacket against the back wall of most closets if positioned perpendicular to the rod. The hook can be rotated so as to place the garment at an angle but this will require more closet space.
They do work. They distribute force over a much larger surface area than a standard hanger and minimize pull on the seams.
They are so thick that a hanging garment almost looks like it is being worn by someone, but this will help with drying. (Posted on 3/3/11)