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Zipper Fixer

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Product Description


Simple to use solution for repairing broken zipper sliders and pulls. Remove the broken zipper tab, slip the 'U' shaped wire into the slider body and insert the plastic pull tab until it snaps into position. Perfect for repairing any broken zipper. 2pkg.


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Customer Reviews (6)

Zipper pull repairReview by Patricia
The repair was easy on a ski jacket. Used for two days skiing in storms. The curve of the pull made it easy to find
(with goggles on) grasp, and pull hard through the iced zipper. (Posted on 12/29/15)
Zipper FixerReview by Robert
Bought a pair of Ridge Outdoor boots that had a very small zipper pull. Used this product to replace them. So far they are great. I can finally get my fingers on something to pull. (Posted on 6/11/15)
where has this been?Review by bradmers
this is a very nice little zipper pull fixer. So easy to use and easy to grab with gloves on. I put a few more in my cart so that next time I order i will get several. I would encourage you to purchase several if you are ordering. you will be happy to have them. The go on very easily and securely. I have used mine repeatedly and found no failure. (Posted on 5/19/14)
Works...but not for longReview by Brian
I have a pair of Darien Light pants that I dearly love. I commute with them almost everyday. Since I always have dress pants underneath, they fit a bit snug through the legs and as a result put a slight strain on the zippers getting in and out. Finally one broke after two years. Bought this as a fix. Easy enough to use, got me back in action immediately...but broke in 1 week of use. Chrome connector piece is very weak. I can only recommend this as an emergency fix for a trip. Not a good long-term solution. (Posted on 5/9/14)
Short term fixReview by Thomas
I purchased these to replace broken pulls on my RC. They worked fine for a while, but broke after a few months. The metal loop broke where it inserts into the plastic. (Posted on 12/30/13)
Inexpensive doodad fixed my expensive BMW riding jacketReview by -duckdave
Doesn't look like much, but there's much value packed into a tiny package here. When the zipper tab on my expensive BMW riding jacket broke I was really cursing. Then I spent the next year zipping up using a string loop in place of the zipper tab. Really looked n00bish! When I found this item, I had to have it. Worked like a charm! I'm back with the stylish set. Note, the description doesn't tell you, but they send you two zipper fixers. Great deal. Thanks Aerostitch! (Posted on 11/20/13)